Thursday, 21 June 2012

Pricing problems.

My first two selling fairs have gone really well, and I have received a lot of interest in my products...interest being the operative word! I sold a lot of cards and pin badges but people just cant seem to pay the asking price for the cushions.

Lots of people were saying how much they loved the H.O.M.E and L.O.V.E cushions and genuinely seemed interested in making a purchase until told the price, then they back away. This happened a lot at the fairs so I know people do actually like the cushions..also friends who have seen photos of the cushions through, twitter, facebook or Instagram text me and say, 'I love them, how much are they?' then don't follow up once given the price!

Now I'm not asking for a fortune, each letter cushion is £35 or £120 for a set of four (which is a saving of £20). The letters are all stitched by hand with each cushion taking 5 hours from start to finish. So if you add it up they are a bargain really.

I had a look around some online marketplaces to have a look at what other makers were charging and loved these cushions I found on etsy so wanted to give them a mention. The designer is Emma Dilemma and she makes awesome embroidered pillows which are influenced by 1950s pop culture. I love these Day of The Dead style pillows.


 Emma must have had the same problem with people not understanding the amount of effort that goes into each cushion so she has come up with a brilliant 'blister rating' for each cushion. (They are all hand embroidered)

Blister Rating: 4*.
1. Piece of Cake.
2. Honest day's work.
3. My fingers are numb!
4. I need to take a rest till the cramping and numbness subside...
5. Cramps, numbness, callouses, possible bleeding.

 How cool is that. So please next time you have an intake of breath when reading the price tag of a handmade item, please consider the amount of work (and love) that has gone into making it.


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